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Budget Your Bathroom Design

Interested in having your cake and eating it too? Getting the best of both worlds, having it both ways? Sure, everyone likes to get more for less. Well, you can make it happen in your bathroom. In other words, you

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Bathroom Renovation, Relaxed: Design Your Zen Den

You rarely get a day off from work and responsibilities to truly relax — we’re not talking about an hour or so of free time; we’re talking about a full day of unruffled, uninhibited relaxation.  Let’s call it a spa

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Bathtub Liners, Exposed The Quick & Dirty On “Clean & Cover”

Whether your bathtub is covered in cracks or colored with those unappealing browns and yellows — so trendy in the ‘70s, but not so stylish now — you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation.   But take a second

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