Bathroom Renovation: Go With A Pro Or Do It Alone?

for your bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel, leave it to the experts.Say Bye-Bye To DIY

There are hundreds of household projects that inspire excellent DIY (“do it yourself”) opportunities, like painting kitchen cabinets, repairing a leaky faucet, screening in a porch or even creating a pet bed out of old furniture. These self-reliant projects make you feel good about yourself, boosting your confidence and self-worth, and make you truly appreciate the hard-earned finished project.

However, there are some projects, like bathroom design and bathroom renovations, which you shouldn’t take into your own hands. These projects require the expertise, experience and dexterity of true professionals.

Here are three reasons you’re better off seeking out the experts when remodeling or resurfacing your bathroom:


This is the most common mistake people make when going the DIY route. You may have wonderful intentions for taking on a bathroom renovation yourself, but what you don’t have is years of experience. This lack of experience often translates into wasted money on the wrong tools, subpar materials, fixtures that don’t fit and supplies you don’t need.


You must keep in mind that remodeling a bathroom is a process in which each step builds on the one before it. So if you’re making small errors along the way, they’ll build up to a big letdown — a letdown that is very inconsistent with the remodel you envisioned.

Another equally important consideration is the plumbing factor — you definitely don’t want to experiment with your pipes and risk a septic situation. Oftentimes, DIY plumbing leads to calling in the plumber to fix a problem you’ve created.


You have a life of your own, which likely includes 40 or more hours a week of work — plus your personal responsibilities involving family, friends and hobbies. Taking on a DIY bathroom renovation is going to take a huge chunk of time and energy out of your life, two things most of us can’t afford to trim down.

It’s an undeniable fact: an expert will get the job done faster and better than someone with little to no experience. Remodeling your bathroom yourself can take over a month, depending on the scale of the project and how much time each day you spend on it.

Are you willing to surrender that time and energy to your bathroom?

So don’t do it alone. If you want that perfect bathroom renovation — the one you’ve been envisioning in your head for months, or even years — go with the experts. You’ll be glad you did.

At BathMax, our work is founded on family values and informed by extensive expertise. Visit us online to learn more about our commitment to customized quality and how to get a master plumber for your bathroom remodel. To schedule a bathroom consultation, click the button below!



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