Bathroom Renovation, Relaxed: Design Your Zen Den

spa, bathroom renovation, designYou rarely get a day off from work and responsibilities to truly relax — we’re not talking about an hour or so of free time; we’re talking about a full day of unruffled, uninhibited relaxation. 

Let’s call it a spa day.

Well, BathMax would like to treat you to a spa day in your own home. With these bathroom renovation ideas, you can turn your bathroom into the “Zen Den” of your dreams. Not only will you not have to leave your house, but you’ll also be saving money on expensive spa appointments — use those future savings to budget your bathroom renovations!


Zen. This theme is all about elegance, balance and nature. If you want a calming place to get away from it all and let the worries of your day drift away — perhaps down your bathtub drain — this bathroom design theme is for you. Plus, it’s very easy to captivate the essence of Zen and achieve its soothing effects in your bathroom.

Shower yourself in serenity. 

There are tons of showerheads out there that offer various pressures and spray positions to give your head, shoulders and back a hydro-massage. Some fixtures even have multiple heads to achieve a full-body effect. Check out these ShowerBuddy showerheads, some of which are utilized in actual spas. 

Whirl away your worries. 

You can transform your bathtub into your own personal whirlpool with inexpensive accessories like Conair’s Thermal Spa Full-Body Massaging Bath Mat, which offers foot and neck massage plus three settings for bubble control. Another option to consider is an in-tub jet massager — a device that turns your tub into a veritable Jacuzzi with the press of a button and adjustable jet water stream. Check out this Gentle-Jet Spa design by Eva Medical Groups LLC. And this Better Housewares foam neck pillow is a must to get a taste of total tranquility. 

Break down big troubles with the little things

It’s the little things that make an experience so great — little things like heated towels and subdued lighting and, most importantly, little things that are easy to implement into your bathroom (or, should we say, Zen Den-in-the-making). Signature Hardware offers a myriad of towel racks, either mountable to your wall or free-standing, finished with contemporary stainless steel polish or embellished with an oil-rubbed bronze veneer. 

As for those subdued lights? Simple — check out any hardware store for dimmer switches, which are easy to install and super inexpensive.

Celebrate your senses to squelch the stress. 

Give yourself the full treatment by treating all your senses. Saturate your walls and accessories with natural colors like sand, taupe and soft grays, greens and blues — this HGTV article helps you choose colors that harmonize with nature. Saturate the air with tranquility candles and aromatherapy tools, like incense, potpourri, oils and diffusers — this Eating Well article explains how fusing scents and nutrients can help you cope with stress. Finally, saturate your soul in soothing sounds. There are countless spa soundtracks and downloads out there that are specifically composed to achieve ultimate relaxation.  

Go big or go home, seriously. 

In this case, do both. If you want to do things right and get the full spa experience, you have to invest in the accessories. Go on a soul-soothing search for eye masks (bonus: aromatherapy eye masks), body masks and facemasks, lotions and creams, oils and soaking treatments, sea salts, pillows and tub bubbles. has an incredible selection of inexpensive bath and spa accessories. 

Your Zen Den awaits — have fun designing, but have more fun relaxing.

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