Bathtub Liners, Exposed The Quick & Dirty On “Clean & Cover”

bathtub, curtains, remodelWhether your bathtub is covered in cracks or colored with those unappealing browns and yellows — so trendy in the ‘70s, but not so stylish now — you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation.  

But take a second to hear us out before you start conjuring up images of major reconstruction. With BathMax, you can take a much more pleasant approach to bathroom renovation. Think of it more as a makeover, or perhaps a facelift — because with the ease of bathtub liners and acrylic bathtub surrounds, your new bathtub is possible without the hassles of intrusive overhaul.

What is a bathtub liner and surround?

The liner is an acrylic, plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner that’s custom-designed to fit right over your existing bathtub. Bathtub surrounds are the lightweight coverings that go over the bathtub’s surrounding walls. 

Am I limited to pre-packaged, boring designs?

Nope. Bathtub liners come in all types of colors so it’s easy (and fun) to find the liner that pleases your inner designer. 

What’s the deal with quality and maintenance?

Tub liners and surrounds are made for convenient installation (more on that below), easy upkeep and long-term durability. 

They’re super easy to clean — no elbow grease needed because there’s no grout to scrub and they don’t attract the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, they’re pretty difficult to damage — acrylic liners, in particular, look exactly like traditional tubs, but won’t stain, peel crack or chip like them — and they’ll last you for years to come. So make sure you pick the liner and surrounds that are sure to suit your style for the long run!

Why not just replace my tub?

Replacing your tub is certainly an option, but that’s a more expensive and time-exhaustive project. Choosing to go with a liner and surrounds, on the other hand, means you don’t have to break down walls, tinker with tiles, play with plumbing or take out the tub — all of which can take more than a week. 

With a liner and surrounds, you get minimal mess with little-to-no noise and absolutely no upheaval. And most importantly, you get the job done in a day.

So you can really get it all done in a day?

Yup, one day. 

Are there any prep steps I need to be aware of?

Nothing you have to worry about! A member of BathMax will come to your home and take extensive measurements of your current bathtub and surrounding surfaces. He or she will then show you all available materials and discuss prices and scheduling. 

If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll send all information and measurements to the manufacturing company to create your your custom-fit, custom-designed liner and surrounds.

What’s the installation process?

First, we’ll thoroughly clean the surface of your current tub and surrounds with denatured alcohol. This removes all oils, soap scum and other residue — the stuff you don’t want lurking under your new liner. After temporarily removing the necessary fixtures, we’ll apply a sealant and adhesive on which we’ll place your new liner and surrounds. The fixtures are then put back in place and caulk is applied around the edges of your tub to seal out moisture.

The tub should remain unused for at least a day.

And that’s it — simple and hassle-free, with barely any intrusion on your daily routine. This is how bathroom renovations should be.

… Don’t you agree?

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