Bathtub Liners: The Easy Facelift For Your Tub

86488700Is your tub feeling tense? 

Just as stress wears you down, time takes its toll on your tub. A leaky faucet wears away at porcelain, revealing a brown underside tinged with orange residue. A giant yellow ring forms around the base of the tub. Caulking on the walls loses its pristine white sheen and fades into dingy grays and blacks. The opportunity for soaking in serenity is still there, but it’s being suffocated by sludge. 

How do you fix it? Consider the simplicity of a bathtub liner, which can transform your tub for a fraction of the cost, time and resources needed for a complete bathroom renovation.


The installation of a bathtub liner is relatively simple compared to remodeling. A plumber visits your house, measures your bathtub’s specifications and sends them off to the warehouse. The warehouse identifies your bathtub dimensions and creates a heavy gauge acrylic liner that fits nice and snug. This liner is delivered and the actual installation begins, which includes the following steps:

  • Clean the old tub using denatured alcohol
  • Remove the drain and other fixtures
  • Apply adhesive to secure the liner
  • Fit the liner over old tub
  • Reattatch the drain and fixtures
  • Secure leaks by reapplying caulk

    Voilà! Good as new with little to no hassle on your part.


Properly installed bathtub liners usually last from 12-20 years. However, if not installed properly, bathtub liners may crack and leak water into the old tub below, creating soft, “squishy” spots in the new bath liner. This stagnant water can lead to mold, mildew and/or bad odor. 


With acryclic bathtub surrounds, you can transform your tub into a safe and accessible shower! The non-porous acryclic used in our tub-to-shower conversions also makes your bathroom super easy to clean and maintain. The durable material is resistant to mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel or fade. 

You may be hesitant to go with this “bathtub facelift” option because of the negative reputation that has sullied liners and surrounds — mold and stagnant water are big turnoffs, after all … and for good reason. However, this is only a concern if your liner and surrounds aren’t properly installed, which is never the case when you work with BathMax.

Furthermore, don’t think you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal when you go with a liner and/or surrounds. There are tons of color and design options out there to satisfy your creative spirit. 

Is your tub ready for its facelift? 


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