Your Bathroom Renovation For The Holidays

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Cheers To Simplicity, Sparkle &
Stress-Free Celebration

The holiday season is a time for celebration, appreciation and enjoyment with friends and family. It’s a time to look forward to and a time to fondly

remember. It’s a time to relax.

Or, at least it should be.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is often more about frenzy and fluster than fun and festivity. And for most people, it’s hardly a holiday in the sense that it provides an opportunity to de-stress and unwind.

BathMax wants to challenge you to make this season different: Make the holidays less about stress and more about celebration. How do you do that? Well, one surefire way is with a simple bathroom renovation — so simple, in fact, that it’ll be done in a day.

Many of you will be opening your home to guests for the holidays. This is a chance to show off your home and your sense of style. It’s a chance to be proud of where and how you live.

How does it get done in a day?
Your done-in-a-day bathroom facelift is made possible by bathtub liners and acrylic bathtub surrounds:

  • LINER: This is an acrylic liner that’s custom-designed to fit right over your existing bathtub.
  • SURROUNDS: These are the lightweight coverings that go over your bathtub’s surrounding walls.

What makes liners and surrounds so innovative and convenient is their ease of installation:

  1. CLEAN: We’ll thoroughly clean the surface of your current tub and surrounds with denatured alcohol. This removes all oils, soap scum and other residue — the stuff you don’t want lurking under your new liner.
  2. SEAL & ADHERE: After temporarily removing the necessary fixtures, we’ll apply a sealant and adhesive on which we’ll place your new liner and surrounds.
  3. CAULK: The fixtures are then put back in place and caulk is applied around the edges of your tub to seal out moisture.
  4. BATHTUB BREAK: The tub should remain unused for at least a day.
  5. END: That’s it!

Liners and surrounds make bathroom remodels simple and hassle-free, with barely any intrusion on your home or routine.

So this holiday season, celebrate simplicity with a quick and easy bathroom remodel. Celebrate sparkle with a fresh and stylish bathroom design that you’ll want to show off to friends and family. What many people don’t realize about bathtub liners and surrounds is the wide range of creative opportunity they provide. They come in all types of colors and textures, so it’s easy (and fun) to find one that syncs up with your personal style. Celebrate the soothing, stress-free opportunity to soak in your new bathtub.

Happy holidays, and cheers to a season of simplicity, sparkle and stress-free celebration!

Click the button below to give your bathroom a festive, one-day renovation — the holiday gift that keeps on giving. 

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Bathroom Renovation: Go With A Pro Or Do It Alone?

for your bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel, leave it to the experts.Say Bye-Bye To DIY

There are hundreds of household projects that inspire excellent DIY (“do it yourself”) opportunities, like painting kitchen cabinets, repairing a leaky faucet, screening in a porch or even creating a pet bed out of old furniture. These self-reliant projects make you feel good about yourself, boosting your confidence and self-worth, and make you truly appreciate the hard-earned finished project.

However, there are some projects, like bathroom design and bathroom renovations, which you shouldn’t take into your own hands. These projects require the expertise, experience and dexterity of true professionals.

Here are three reasons you’re better off seeking out the experts when remodeling or resurfacing your bathroom:


This is the most common mistake people make when going the DIY route. You may have wonderful intentions for taking on a bathroom renovation yourself, but what you don’t have is years of experience. This lack of experience often translates into wasted money on the wrong tools, subpar materials, fixtures that don’t fit and supplies you don’t need.


You must keep in mind that remodeling a bathroom is a process in which each step builds on the one before it. So if you’re making small errors along the way, they’ll build up to a big letdown — a letdown that is very inconsistent with the remodel you envisioned.

Another equally important consideration is the plumbing factor — you definitely don’t want to experiment with your pipes and risk a septic situation. Oftentimes, DIY plumbing leads to calling in the plumber to fix a problem you’ve created.


You have a life of your own, which likely includes 40 or more hours a week of work — plus your personal responsibilities involving family, friends and hobbies. Taking on a DIY bathroom renovation is going to take a huge chunk of time and energy out of your life, two things most of us can’t afford to trim down.

It’s an undeniable fact: an expert will get the job done faster and better than someone with little to no experience. Remodeling your bathroom yourself can take over a month, depending on the scale of the project and how much time each day you spend on it.

Are you willing to surrender that time and energy to your bathroom?

So don’t do it alone. If you want that perfect bathroom renovation — the one you’ve been envisioning in your head for months, or even years — go with the experts. You’ll be glad you did.

At BathMax, our work is founded on family values and informed by extensive expertise. Visit us online to learn more about our commitment to customized quality and how to get a master plumber for your bathroom remodel. To schedule a bathroom consultation, click the button below!



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Space-Saving Bathroom Design For The Little Lavatories

bathroom design ideas for small bathroomsFive Creative Strategies To Open Things Up & Let Your Room Breathe

Small bathroom? No problem. With a little bathroom design creativity, you can open up your little lavatory to the great big world of space-saving strategy.


Dim lighting casts shadows, which makes colors appear dull and the space seem small. Light, especially natural light is a key element to enlarge any room. Open your blinds if you have windows in your bathroom. If not, invest in LED lights. LEDs are available in cool, blue temperatures, which create a minimalist effect and make rooms look bigger.


Mirrors aren’t just for reflecting your appearance — they can also make a room look larger. Choose a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it, creating an illusion of depth. These handy, decorative devices also reflect natural and artificial light, so placing mirrors near windows bounces light into the room and really opens it up.


While dark colors absorb light and make rooms seem small, lighter colors reflect light to make rooms look bigger. Consider light-reflecting color combinations like creams with icy blues. Yellow is also a great bathroom color. Not only does it really open up the space, but it also creates a warm and happy feeling — especially on days when the sun isn’t shining outside or you’re feeling a little blue inside.


You know clutter makes a room much smaller than it actually is – all the stuff on the floor or on tables and bureaus takes up major space. Well, the clutter concept applies to your walls, too! There’s nothing wrong with a few pictures or hangings, but when your walls are completely covered, they’ll seem like they’re closing in on you. Remember, less is truly more.


Sometimes, the feel of a room enhances the look of the room. To make a room seem more open, consider air quality. Stale air is stifling. Open up the windows to let a refreshing breeze through, or if this isn’t an option, consider adding some plants or room fresheners to aerate your bathroom.

A small space doesn’t have to look or feel small. Take advantage of the space you do have and get rid of the things you don’t need to maximize the minimum. Now that’s a bathroom renovation anyone can handle.

P.S. Here at BathMax, we’re experts at handling and refining small spaces in trailer homes, mobile homes and modular homes. Read about the BathMax Modular Mantra™ to see what we can do for you.



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Why Step In When You Can Walk In?

Walk-in bathtubs are awesome safety solutions for seniors and individuals with mobility issues.The Wonderful World Of Walk-In Tubs

Our last post introduced the topic of your tub’s transformative power with the tub to shower conversion. This post continues the trend of innovative accessibility in bathroom design with walk-in bathtubs. So, what are they and what’s so wonderful about the walk-in?


Walk-in tubs are bathtubs that have been designed for ultimate accessibility by completely doing away with that potentially hazardous step into the tub. This functionality is great for seniors and those with limited mobility, but it also suits young children by providing them with easier and safer access to the tub.

Furthermore, middle-aged adults who want to plan for the future should consider proactively installing a walk-in bathtub now — this will help them out later on, especially if mobility becomes an issue.

So essentially, your tub is graced with the convenience and practicality of the shower — without losing the comfort and relaxation components.


Just like the bathtub liners and shower surrounds, walk-in tubs are made from durable, easy to clean acrylic. Unlike traditional bathtub surfaces, this resilient and nonporous material doesn’t become worn, cracked or stained with time. Instead, it will maintain its fresh and new appearance for years to come.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) performed a very important study in 2008, shedding light on some very dark facts. As the first study on nonfatal bathroom injuries among persons aged 15 years or older, it concluded that in just 2008 alone, 234,094 people over the age of 15 suffered injuries in the bathroom resulting in emergency room visits. Almost 14% of these injured people had to be hospitalized after the ER.

This study not only publicized the importance of bathroom safety, but it also proved a safe and accessible bathroom is necessary for everyone – not just the elderly or handicapped!

With their slippery surfaces and hard edges, the shower and/or tub present the biggest risks for accidents and injuries in the bathroom — whether from closing one’s eyes to wash and rinse hair or slipping on the wet and soapy shower floor.

Take control of the slippery safety situation and promote bathtub accessibility with the walk-in tub. Other safety features to consider for your bathroom renovation are handrails, in-shower seats and slip-resistant flooring.

Check out BathMax online to see what we have to offer for senior safety solutions.

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Your Tub Has Multiple Personality Disorder

bath showerFew people are aware of how transformative their tub truly is. As we’ve mentioned on the blog before, it has the power to revitalize itself with convenient, low-cost bathtub liners. But it also has the power to completely redefine itself. That’s right — your tub has the ability to turn its tired tub temperament into the contemporary character of a shower.    

We’ll explain how this identity shift happens.


What is it?   

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. With acrylic bathtub surrounds, your tub — quite literally — becomes a shower.

Why convert?

Tubs are great for bubble-soaking relaxation, but if you don’t have the time to soak, it becomes a senseless hindrance in your bathroom. If you consider bathing a chore, something that takes time away from more important activities, the tub to shower conversion is definitely for you.

What’s the maintenance situation?

When you work with BathMax, you’re getting our commitment to your convenience. Our acrylic, non-porous shower surrounds are not only mold and mildew resistant, but they’re also grout-free and therefore super easy to clean.

So while you’re saving time by showering instead of bathing in a bathtub, you’re also saving time on upkeep.

Will it look good?

Of course! Your bathroom design is just as important as its accessibility and functionality.  All tub to shower conversions are fully customizable — choose your size, shape, style, color and finish.

From granite, marble and stone to sculpted tiles and subway tiles, your wall surrounds are amenable to your aesthetic appeal. Choose from rich colors and patents, like Pebble Granite, Calcutta Gold, Alaska Ivory, Moroccan Marble, Breccia Paradiso, Seafoam and Sierra Marble. 

You may also want to consider acrylic wainscoting, which is known to open up small areas and give the appearance of more space, adding rich texture to your bathroom. Wainscoting is also practical because — like all non-porous, acrylic surrounds — it protects your shower from everyday bathroom grime and eases the cleaning process. 

Anything else I should know?

We’re glad you asked. Color, pattern and texture aren’t your only customization options. You also have the ability to customize the functionality and accessibility of your forthcoming shower. 

  • Barrier-free — This is the best option for seniors and mobility-impaired individuals, especially those in wheelchairs, but anyone who wants an easier way to enter and exit the shower benefits from this design. 
  • Low-threshold — This is essentially a step above barrier-free, ensuring a safe bathing experience since the shower can be entered and exited without having to take a large step.
  • Built-in seat – With a built-in seat, this type of shower is ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods of time. It also provides a comfortable shaving area for any bather, whether mobility-impaired or not. 

To get a better idea of the tub to shower bathroom renovation process, visit the BathMax website and browse through our photos. 

Meet A Designer

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Bathtub Liners: The Easy Facelift For Your Tub

86488700Is your tub feeling tense? 

Just as stress wears you down, time takes its toll on your tub. A leaky faucet wears away at porcelain, revealing a brown underside tinged with orange residue. A giant yellow ring forms around the base of the tub. Caulking on the walls loses its pristine white sheen and fades into dingy grays and blacks. The opportunity for soaking in serenity is still there, but it’s being suffocated by sludge. 

How do you fix it? Consider the simplicity of a bathtub liner, which can transform your tub for a fraction of the cost, time and resources needed for a complete bathroom renovation.


The installation of a bathtub liner is relatively simple compared to remodeling. A plumber visits your house, measures your bathtub’s specifications and sends them off to the warehouse. The warehouse identifies your bathtub dimensions and creates a heavy gauge acrylic liner that fits nice and snug. This liner is delivered and the actual installation begins, which includes the following steps:

  • Clean the old tub using denatured alcohol
  • Remove the drain and other fixtures
  • Apply adhesive to secure the liner
  • Fit the liner over old tub
  • Reattatch the drain and fixtures
  • Secure leaks by reapplying caulk

    Voilà! Good as new with little to no hassle on your part.


Properly installed bathtub liners usually last from 12-20 years. However, if not installed properly, bathtub liners may crack and leak water into the old tub below, creating soft, “squishy” spots in the new bath liner. This stagnant water can lead to mold, mildew and/or bad odor. 


With acryclic bathtub surrounds, you can transform your tub into a safe and accessible shower! The non-porous acryclic used in our tub-to-shower conversions also makes your bathroom super easy to clean and maintain. The durable material is resistant to mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel or fade. 

You may be hesitant to go with this “bathtub facelift” option because of the negative reputation that has sullied liners and surrounds — mold and stagnant water are big turnoffs, after all … and for good reason. However, this is only a concern if your liner and surrounds aren’t properly installed, which is never the case when you work with BathMax.

Furthermore, don’t think you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal when you go with a liner and/or surrounds. There are tons of color and design options out there to satisfy your creative spirit. 

Is your tub ready for its facelift? 


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Showroom Solutions For The Perfect Bathroom Design

bath tubThe First Step Is Always The Hardest

Wondering whether or not you should invest money into fixing up that outdated bathroom of yours? Thoughts of remodeling usually bounce around people’s heads for awhile before any action is taken. 

At first, when the state of the tub or bathroom as a whole becomes unsettling you probably tend to brush it off, like most people. The justifications go something like this, “Hey, a couple of cracks in the tub never hurt anyone!” or, “You know what? Those chips give the tub personality. I actually think I like them.” Sound familiar?

Sooner or later that optimistic attitude changes and the ragged conditions of the tub or bathroom start to bother you. The cracks don’t look so cute anymore, and the buildup of gunk around the fixtures, drain head and soap dish become an annoying reminder of the true state of your bathroom. 

Yet people go on about their lives, dealing with the off-putting appearance by delaying the work that needs to be done, thinking things like, “Oh, I guess it can wait until I redo the sink,” or, “Well, I put up with it for this long, I can do it for a little longer.” Yet those thoughts linger and the reality that a bathroom makeover is needed sets in, depressing anyone thinking about the all the necessary steps: the shopping around for the best products, the scheduling, the actual labor that needs to be done, the inconvenience of not having a bathroom and most importantly, the cost. Over time, acceptance sets in, and the bathroom makeover begins.

The Road To Refurbishing

When YOU finally accept it, what are the best solutions for making over your bathroom problem? Well, you can go two ways.

  1. The old fashioned solution is a complete bathtub or bathroom remodel. A replacement bathtub and other accessories are purchased and in a couple of days or weeks, a plumber will install it. Or if the buyer is feeling adventurous, they’ll install it themselves.
  2. The newer, and often times cost effective, solution is a bathtub liner. These liners are made to fit exactly into the bathtub they’re covering. Instead of taking an unknown amount of time to install, these bathtub liners are installed in one day.

Yes, one day. That means no time without your bathroom. No waiting for the hard labor of a full-scale remodel to happen. 

You’ve made a step in the right direction and have sought help. You’ve looked at magazines to help solve your problem, but the one-way communication gives you no indication if the featured products are right for you. You’ve visited retailers to help remodel your bathroom but none of their products or designs fit what you want. There’s no creative vision in these solutions. They’re flat and cannot fit your needs. 

You’ve Arrived

Now it’s time for you to reach the best solution. BathMax’s showroom provides you with the best products to create the inspiration necessary to restore or design the bathroom you once loved. At the BathMax showroom, you have access to the best models of bathtub liners, acrylic bathroom surrounds and bathroom designs. The employees at the BathMax showroom have the right touch to help you restore your old bathroom or design your new one. The BathMax showroom is a gathering forum where our customers are able to relax, look around, discover and trade ideas and talk to other customers. 

At the BathMax showroom, the initial downsides of making over your bathroom are gone. The best products are available immediately for you. The scheduling is taken care of with ease. The labor happens fast and efficiently. And, most importantly, the cost is low. 

Click the button below to make an appointment for a personal tour at the BathMax showroom, in which you’ll receive in-depth instruction on top-of-the-line bathroom renovation strategies. Let’s start solidifying your visionary fancies into a tangible, tantalizing reality! 


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Budget Your Bathroom Design

bathroom designInterested in having your cake and eating it too? Getting the best of both worlds, having it both ways?

Sure, everyone likes to get more for less. Well, you can make it happen in your bathroom.

In other words, you can have your dream bathroom, and budget it wisely too … if you take some time to get strategic.


Nail down your numbers from the beginning.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2011-2012 Cost Vs. Value Report, upscale bathroom remodels can cost up to $52,249. Midrange bathroom renovations have a national average of $16,552.  

Do these numbers fit in with your project scale and budget? If not, no worries. Make your own numbers with a budget worksheet in Excel.

Include the following six categories in your worksheet:

1. Total Monthly Gross Income

2. Remodeling Housing Budget Increase/Decreases

This includes rent/mortgage, taxes, property and finance payments, utilities and additional household repairs that come with the remodel. 

3. Remodeling Material Costs*

This encompasses materials used for construction, flooring, furniture, accent pieces, etc. 

4. Remodeling Labor Costs

5. Miscellaneous Expenses

This category deals with any unexpected or emergency costs. 

6. Total Net Monthly Income (free income available)

*Use this Home Renovation Estimate bathroom budget calculator to get an idea of material costs.

It’s important to fill out the numbers for these categories as thoroughly as possible. Take some time to think of all possible miscellaneous costs you may encounter before you write your own expenses in.

After you’ve thoroughly completed the six categories, jot down your total bathroom renovation budget at the top of the worksheet. Then, subtract the numbers from each category to get your available balance. Hopefully, you’ll come out even — ideally with a bit of a buffer for any unanticipated costs or additional features and fixtures you want to incorporate.


While reaching for high quality.

There are a bunch of low-cost options out there that will give you a great look without bludgeoning your budget:

  • Consider bathtub liners, like acrylic bathtub surrounds, instead of an all-out renovation.
  • Instead of running tile up the entire wall of your shower, which can get expensive, think about beadboard wainscoting to portray a classic, period look, or a trendy paint color for modern appeal. 
  • Do you want to deal with window installation or plumbing and lighting relocation? Those types of labor cost more than sticking with your original bathroom layout.
  • If you’re absolutely in love with a particularly costly fixture, make up for it by going for lower-end items for the other appliances in your bathroom.
  • Check out this Better Homes and Gardens blog post for more low-cost bathroom redesign ideas. 

Any bathroom-on-a-budget breakthroughs we missed? We’d love to hear unique strategies you use to keep costs low and quality high for your in-home renovations. 

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Bathroom Renovation, Relaxed: Design Your Zen Den

spa, bathroom renovation, designYou rarely get a day off from work and responsibilities to truly relax — we’re not talking about an hour or so of free time; we’re talking about a full day of unruffled, uninhibited relaxation. 

Let’s call it a spa day.

Well, BathMax would like to treat you to a spa day in your own home. With these bathroom renovation ideas, you can turn your bathroom into the “Zen Den” of your dreams. Not only will you not have to leave your house, but you’ll also be saving money on expensive spa appointments — use those future savings to budget your bathroom renovations!


Zen. This theme is all about elegance, balance and nature. If you want a calming place to get away from it all and let the worries of your day drift away — perhaps down your bathtub drain — this bathroom design theme is for you. Plus, it’s very easy to captivate the essence of Zen and achieve its soothing effects in your bathroom.

Shower yourself in serenity. 

There are tons of showerheads out there that offer various pressures and spray positions to give your head, shoulders and back a hydro-massage. Some fixtures even have multiple heads to achieve a full-body effect. Check out these ShowerBuddy showerheads, some of which are utilized in actual spas. 

Whirl away your worries. 

You can transform your bathtub into your own personal whirlpool with inexpensive accessories like Conair’s Thermal Spa Full-Body Massaging Bath Mat, which offers foot and neck massage plus three settings for bubble control. Another option to consider is an in-tub jet massager — a device that turns your tub into a veritable Jacuzzi with the press of a button and adjustable jet water stream. Check out this Gentle-Jet Spa design by Eva Medical Groups LLC. And this Better Housewares foam neck pillow is a must to get a taste of total tranquility. 

Break down big troubles with the little things

It’s the little things that make an experience so great — little things like heated towels and subdued lighting and, most importantly, little things that are easy to implement into your bathroom (or, should we say, Zen Den-in-the-making). Signature Hardware offers a myriad of towel racks, either mountable to your wall or free-standing, finished with contemporary stainless steel polish or embellished with an oil-rubbed bronze veneer. 

As for those subdued lights? Simple — check out any hardware store for dimmer switches, which are easy to install and super inexpensive.

Celebrate your senses to squelch the stress. 

Give yourself the full treatment by treating all your senses. Saturate your walls and accessories with natural colors like sand, taupe and soft grays, greens and blues — this HGTV article helps you choose colors that harmonize with nature. Saturate the air with tranquility candles and aromatherapy tools, like incense, potpourri, oils and diffusers — this Eating Well article explains how fusing scents and nutrients can help you cope with stress. Finally, saturate your soul in soothing sounds. There are countless spa soundtracks and downloads out there that are specifically composed to achieve ultimate relaxation.  

Go big or go home, seriously. 

In this case, do both. If you want to do things right and get the full spa experience, you have to invest in the accessories. Go on a soul-soothing search for eye masks (bonus: aromatherapy eye masks), body masks and facemasks, lotions and creams, oils and soaking treatments, sea salts, pillows and tub bubbles. has an incredible selection of inexpensive bath and spa accessories. 

Your Zen Den awaits — have fun designing, but have more fun relaxing.

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Bathtub Liners, Exposed The Quick & Dirty On “Clean & Cover”

bathtub, curtains, remodelWhether your bathtub is covered in cracks or colored with those unappealing browns and yellows — so trendy in the ‘70s, but not so stylish now — you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation.  

But take a second to hear us out before you start conjuring up images of major reconstruction. With BathMax, you can take a much more pleasant approach to bathroom renovation. Think of it more as a makeover, or perhaps a facelift — because with the ease of bathtub liners and acrylic bathtub surrounds, your new bathtub is possible without the hassles of intrusive overhaul.

What is a bathtub liner and surround?

The liner is an acrylic, plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner that’s custom-designed to fit right over your existing bathtub. Bathtub surrounds are the lightweight coverings that go over the bathtub’s surrounding walls. 

Am I limited to pre-packaged, boring designs?

Nope. Bathtub liners come in all types of colors so it’s easy (and fun) to find the liner that pleases your inner designer. 

What’s the deal with quality and maintenance?

Tub liners and surrounds are made for convenient installation (more on that below), easy upkeep and long-term durability. 

They’re super easy to clean — no elbow grease needed because there’s no grout to scrub and they don’t attract the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, they’re pretty difficult to damage — acrylic liners, in particular, look exactly like traditional tubs, but won’t stain, peel crack or chip like them — and they’ll last you for years to come. So make sure you pick the liner and surrounds that are sure to suit your style for the long run!

Why not just replace my tub?

Replacing your tub is certainly an option, but that’s a more expensive and time-exhaustive project. Choosing to go with a liner and surrounds, on the other hand, means you don’t have to break down walls, tinker with tiles, play with plumbing or take out the tub — all of which can take more than a week. 

With a liner and surrounds, you get minimal mess with little-to-no noise and absolutely no upheaval. And most importantly, you get the job done in a day.

So you can really get it all done in a day?

Yup, one day. 

Are there any prep steps I need to be aware of?

Nothing you have to worry about! A member of BathMax will come to your home and take extensive measurements of your current bathtub and surrounding surfaces. He or she will then show you all available materials and discuss prices and scheduling. 

If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll send all information and measurements to the manufacturing company to create your your custom-fit, custom-designed liner and surrounds.

What’s the installation process?

First, we’ll thoroughly clean the surface of your current tub and surrounds with denatured alcohol. This removes all oils, soap scum and other residue — the stuff you don’t want lurking under your new liner. After temporarily removing the necessary fixtures, we’ll apply a sealant and adhesive on which we’ll place your new liner and surrounds. The fixtures are then put back in place and caulk is applied around the edges of your tub to seal out moisture.

The tub should remain unused for at least a day.

And that’s it — simple and hassle-free, with barely any intrusion on your daily routine. This is how bathroom renovations should be.

… Don’t you agree?

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