Showroom Solutions For The Perfect Bathroom Design

bath tubThe First Step Is Always The Hardest

Wondering whether or not you should invest money into fixing up that outdated bathroom of yours? Thoughts of remodeling usually bounce around people’s heads for awhile before any action is taken. 

At first, when the state of the tub or bathroom as a whole becomes unsettling you probably tend to brush it off, like most people. The justifications go something like this, “Hey, a couple of cracks in the tub never hurt anyone!” or, “You know what? Those chips give the tub personality. I actually think I like them.” Sound familiar?

Sooner or later that optimistic attitude changes and the ragged conditions of the tub or bathroom start to bother you. The cracks don’t look so cute anymore, and the buildup of gunk around the fixtures, drain head and soap dish become an annoying reminder of the true state of your bathroom. 

Yet people go on about their lives, dealing with the off-putting appearance by delaying the work that needs to be done, thinking things like, “Oh, I guess it can wait until I redo the sink,” or, “Well, I put up with it for this long, I can do it for a little longer.” Yet those thoughts linger and the reality that a bathroom makeover is needed sets in, depressing anyone thinking about the all the necessary steps: the shopping around for the best products, the scheduling, the actual labor that needs to be done, the inconvenience of not having a bathroom and most importantly, the cost. Over time, acceptance sets in, and the bathroom makeover begins.

The Road To Refurbishing

When YOU finally accept it, what are the best solutions for making over your bathroom problem? Well, you can go two ways.

  1. The old fashioned solution is a complete bathtub or bathroom remodel. A replacement bathtub and other accessories are purchased and in a couple of days or weeks, a plumber will install it. Or if the buyer is feeling adventurous, they’ll install it themselves.
  2. The newer, and often times cost effective, solution is a bathtub liner. These liners are made to fit exactly into the bathtub they’re covering. Instead of taking an unknown amount of time to install, these bathtub liners are installed in one day.

Yes, one day. That means no time without your bathroom. No waiting for the hard labor of a full-scale remodel to happen. 

You’ve made a step in the right direction and have sought help. You’ve looked at magazines to help solve your problem, but the one-way communication gives you no indication if the featured products are right for you. You’ve visited retailers to help remodel your bathroom but none of their products or designs fit what you want. There’s no creative vision in these solutions. They’re flat and cannot fit your needs. 

You’ve Arrived

Now it’s time for you to reach the best solution. BathMax’s showroom provides you with the best products to create the inspiration necessary to restore or design the bathroom you once loved. At the BathMax showroom, you have access to the best models of bathtub liners, acrylic bathroom surrounds and bathroom designs. The employees at the BathMax showroom have the right touch to help you restore your old bathroom or design your new one. The BathMax showroom is a gathering forum where our customers are able to relax, look around, discover and trade ideas and talk to other customers. 

At the BathMax showroom, the initial downsides of making over your bathroom are gone. The best products are available immediately for you. The scheduling is taken care of with ease. The labor happens fast and efficiently. And, most importantly, the cost is low. 

Click the button below to make an appointment for a personal tour at the BathMax showroom, in which you’ll receive in-depth instruction on top-of-the-line bathroom renovation strategies. Let’s start solidifying your visionary fancies into a tangible, tantalizing reality! 


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