Space-Saving Bathroom Design For The Little Lavatories

bathroom design ideas for small bathroomsFive Creative Strategies To Open Things Up & Let Your Room Breathe

Small bathroom? No problem. With a little bathroom design creativity, you can open up your little lavatory to the great big world of space-saving strategy.


Dim lighting casts shadows, which makes colors appear dull and the space seem small. Light, especially natural light is a key element to enlarge any room. Open your blinds if you have windows in your bathroom. If not, invest in LED lights. LEDs are available in cool, blue temperatures, which create a minimalist effect and make rooms look bigger.


Mirrors aren’t just for reflecting your appearance — they can also make a room look larger. Choose a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it, creating an illusion of depth. These handy, decorative devices also reflect natural and artificial light, so placing mirrors near windows bounces light into the room and really opens it up.


While dark colors absorb light and make rooms seem small, lighter colors reflect light to make rooms look bigger. Consider light-reflecting color combinations like creams with icy blues. Yellow is also a great bathroom color. Not only does it really open up the space, but it also creates a warm and happy feeling — especially on days when the sun isn’t shining outside or you’re feeling a little blue inside.


You know clutter makes a room much smaller than it actually is – all the stuff on the floor or on tables and bureaus takes up major space. Well, the clutter concept applies to your walls, too! There’s nothing wrong with a few pictures or hangings, but when your walls are completely covered, they’ll seem like they’re closing in on you. Remember, less is truly more.


Sometimes, the feel of a room enhances the look of the room. To make a room seem more open, consider air quality. Stale air is stifling. Open up the windows to let a refreshing breeze through, or if this isn’t an option, consider adding some plants or room fresheners to aerate your bathroom.

A small space doesn’t have to look or feel small. Take advantage of the space you do have and get rid of the things you don’t need to maximize the minimum. Now that’s a bathroom renovation anyone can handle.

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