Why Step In When You Can Walk In?

Walk-in bathtubs are awesome safety solutions for seniors and individuals with mobility issues.The Wonderful World Of Walk-In Tubs

Our last post introduced the topic of your tub’s transformative power with the tub to shower conversion. This post continues the trend of innovative accessibility in bathroom design with walk-in bathtubs. So, what are they and what’s so wonderful about the walk-in?


Walk-in tubs are bathtubs that have been designed for ultimate accessibility by completely doing away with that potentially hazardous step into the tub. This functionality is great for seniors and those with limited mobility, but it also suits young children by providing them with easier and safer access to the tub.

Furthermore, middle-aged adults who want to plan for the future should consider proactively installing a walk-in bathtub now — this will help them out later on, especially if mobility becomes an issue.

So essentially, your tub is graced with the convenience and practicality of the shower — without losing the comfort and relaxation components.


Just like the bathtub liners and shower surrounds, walk-in tubs are made from durable, easy to clean acrylic. Unlike traditional bathtub surfaces, this resilient and nonporous material doesn’t become worn, cracked or stained with time. Instead, it will maintain its fresh and new appearance for years to come.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) performed a very important study in 2008, shedding light on some very dark facts. As the first study on nonfatal bathroom injuries among persons aged 15 years or older, it concluded that in just 2008 alone, 234,094 people over the age of 15 suffered injuries in the bathroom resulting in emergency room visits. Almost 14% of these injured people had to be hospitalized after the ER.

This study not only publicized the importance of bathroom safety, but it also proved a safe and accessible bathroom is necessary for everyone – not just the elderly or handicapped!

With their slippery surfaces and hard edges, the shower and/or tub present the biggest risks for accidents and injuries in the bathroom — whether from closing one’s eyes to wash and rinse hair or slipping on the wet and soapy shower floor.

Take control of the slippery safety situation and promote bathtub accessibility with the walk-in tub. Other safety features to consider for your bathroom renovation are handrails, in-shower seats and slip-resistant flooring.

Check out BathMax online to see what we have to offer for senior safety solutions.

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