Your Bathroom Renovation For The Holidays

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Cheers To Simplicity, Sparkle &
Stress-Free Celebration

The holiday season is a time for celebration, appreciation and enjoyment with friends and family. It’s a time to look forward to and a time to fondly

remember. It’s a time to relax.

Or, at least it should be.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is often more about frenzy and fluster than fun and festivity. And for most people, it’s hardly a holiday in the sense that it provides an opportunity to de-stress and unwind.

BathMax wants to challenge you to make this season different: Make the holidays less about stress and more about celebration. How do you do that? Well, one surefire way is with a simple bathroom renovation — so simple, in fact, that it’ll be done in a day.

Many of you will be opening your home to guests for the holidays. This is a chance to show off your home and your sense of style. It’s a chance to be proud of where and how you live.

How does it get done in a day?
Your done-in-a-day bathroom facelift is made possible by bathtub liners and acrylic bathtub surrounds:

  • LINER: This is an acrylic liner that’s custom-designed to fit right over your existing bathtub.
  • SURROUNDS: These are the lightweight coverings that go over your bathtub’s surrounding walls.

What makes liners and surrounds so innovative and convenient is their ease of installation:

  1. CLEAN: We’ll thoroughly clean the surface of your current tub and surrounds with denatured alcohol. This removes all oils, soap scum and other residue — the stuff you don’t want lurking under your new liner.
  2. SEAL & ADHERE: After temporarily removing the necessary fixtures, we’ll apply a sealant and adhesive on which we’ll place your new liner and surrounds.
  3. CAULK: The fixtures are then put back in place and caulk is applied around the edges of your tub to seal out moisture.
  4. BATHTUB BREAK: The tub should remain unused for at least a day.
  5. END: That’s it!

Liners and surrounds make bathroom remodels simple and hassle-free, with barely any intrusion on your home or routine.

So this holiday season, celebrate simplicity with a quick and easy bathroom remodel. Celebrate sparkle with a fresh and stylish bathroom design that you’ll want to show off to friends and family. What many people don’t realize about bathtub liners and surrounds is the wide range of creative opportunity they provide. They come in all types of colors and textures, so it’s easy (and fun) to find one that syncs up with your personal style. Celebrate the soothing, stress-free opportunity to soak in your new bathtub.

Happy holidays, and cheers to a season of simplicity, sparkle and stress-free celebration!

Click the button below to give your bathroom a festive, one-day renovation — the holiday gift that keeps on giving. 

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