Your Tub Has Multiple Personality Disorder

bath showerFew people are aware of how transformative their tub truly is. As we’ve mentioned on the blog before, it has the power to revitalize itself with convenient, low-cost bathtub liners. But it also has the power to completely redefine itself. That’s right — your tub has the ability to turn its tired tub temperament into the contemporary character of a shower.    

We’ll explain how this identity shift happens.


What is it?   

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. With acrylic bathtub surrounds, your tub — quite literally — becomes a shower.

Why convert?

Tubs are great for bubble-soaking relaxation, but if you don’t have the time to soak, it becomes a senseless hindrance in your bathroom. If you consider bathing a chore, something that takes time away from more important activities, the tub to shower conversion is definitely for you.

What’s the maintenance situation?

When you work with BathMax, you’re getting our commitment to your convenience. Our acrylic, non-porous shower surrounds are not only mold and mildew resistant, but they’re also grout-free and therefore super easy to clean.

So while you’re saving time by showering instead of bathing in a bathtub, you’re also saving time on upkeep.

Will it look good?

Of course! Your bathroom design is just as important as its accessibility and functionality.  All tub to shower conversions are fully customizable — choose your size, shape, style, color and finish.

From granite, marble and stone to sculpted tiles and subway tiles, your wall surrounds are amenable to your aesthetic appeal. Choose from rich colors and patents, like Pebble Granite, Calcutta Gold, Alaska Ivory, Moroccan Marble, Breccia Paradiso, Seafoam and Sierra Marble. 

You may also want to consider acrylic wainscoting, which is known to open up small areas and give the appearance of more space, adding rich texture to your bathroom. Wainscoting is also practical because — like all non-porous, acrylic surrounds — it protects your shower from everyday bathroom grime and eases the cleaning process. 

Anything else I should know?

We’re glad you asked. Color, pattern and texture aren’t your only customization options. You also have the ability to customize the functionality and accessibility of your forthcoming shower. 

  • Barrier-free — This is the best option for seniors and mobility-impaired individuals, especially those in wheelchairs, but anyone who wants an easier way to enter and exit the shower benefits from this design. 
  • Low-threshold — This is essentially a step above barrier-free, ensuring a safe bathing experience since the shower can be entered and exited without having to take a large step.
  • Built-in seat – With a built-in seat, this type of shower is ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods of time. It also provides a comfortable shaving area for any bather, whether mobility-impaired or not. 

To get a better idea of the tub to shower bathroom renovation process, visit the BathMax website and browse through our photos. 

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